Evolved spectral imaging

Spexel.ai is bringing the power of spectral imaging to portable devices and off-the-shelf cameras.


Introducing SPEXEL COLOR

Did you know that color is subjective? Color is all in your head.

Turn your smartphone into a color measurement device

Spexel.ai is developing a color measurement device for your smartphone, so you can see the world in more detail.

Pro-grade color measurement device for professionals and DIYers or anyone working with color

Spexel.ai Color is a user-friendly, portable and accurate color measurement device for fast and easy color communication.

Find color inspiration

Use Spexel Color to find inspiration from the world and your surroundings.
Compact, easy to use and affordable
Smartphone add-on device for non-contact measurements

How it works

Spexel COLOR measurement process


User calibrates device by taking an image of the white reference tile with the application and saves the image.


The application is now ready to measure. The user takes a picture of the sample to be measured and saves it with the application.


The result is given as a color value e.g. RGB, visual sample of the color, and the spectral reference curve in the application.


The user can also match to different color values or match to paint brand's fan deck or color chart.

Share or export the color.


Spexel.ai Color is just the beginning...

We're transforming spectral imaging

We have been able to replace a large part of hyperspectral technology previously done optically or mechanically with artificial intelligence methods.

This enables low-cost spectral imaging solutions and for the technology to be included in existing cameras, devices and even smartphones.

Bringing the power of spectral imaging to smartphones

We're working on different spectral imaging solutions and applications.

Our Spexel.ai smartphone add-on device allows customers to use and benefit from future applications developed by Spexel.ai.

Unlock a host of new applications

Our technology can also be applied to many computer vision applications making existing applications easier and even new applications possible.

In the news

To take hyperspectral images using their solution only requires a camera phone and a peripheral device attached to the phone.
Spexel.ai has an add-on device for smartphones that allows you to take pictures with a much wider colour spectrum.
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Helsingin yliopistossa kehitelty uusi menetelmä, joka voi tuoda hyperspektrikuvantamisen hyödyt myös tavallisen kansalaisen ulottuville
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